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Health Insurance with Prescription Insurance Coverage: Why It Might Be Worth It for You
The cost of going to the doctor is not always cheap, but unless you have to go back repeatedly, it is only going to be a onetime charge. On the other hand, when you go the doctor you may be given medications, often maintenance drugs that you will have to be on for extended periods of time. Having prescription drug insurance coverage can keep that ongoing expense from getting out of hand. Even a prescription that is only being taken temporarily can be a problem - ten days of certain antibiotics or certain types of pain medications can be expensive.

Buying Separate Prescription Insurance
In some cases, it is beneficial to buy a separate drug plan so that you can continue to get and take your medications as directed by your doctor. The small cost of the prescription insurance coverage can be a big savings in the following scenarios:

  • Those who are taking a number of ongoing medications
  • Those who have multiple family members who take maintenance drugs
  • Those who take expensive medications

Health Insurance Prescription Coverage
Better insurance policies typically cover at least some routine or commonly prescribed medications, although they may impose a number of restrictions on them. For instance, the doctor may only be allowed to prescribe generics or may only prescribe certain dosages and strengths. There may also be a pre-approval or prior authorization requirement for this coverage as well. Not all health insurance prescription is so restrictive, so it is very important to clearly understand your entire policy.

In some employer-based insurance plans, the prescription coverage only extends to certain pharmacies. While they tend to be local, it is still a restriction that can cause some problems. Another option that many of them may approve of is having your medications mailed through a reputable service. Again, check with your policy to see if this is an option for you.

Prescription Needs Beyond Pills
Most prescription drug coverage insurance plans cover items that are not technically pills or liquid medicines but are legitimately prescribed to you by a doctor for the treatment of a valid and established medical condition. For instance, some health insurance prescription drug coverage plans may cover the cost of adult undergarments if the doctor deems them necessary for good care. Diabetic testing supplies and other similar items are often covered as well. In some cases, a prescription drug plan might help pay for a wheelchair or other adaptive device, however there will be some forms that must be filled out before being approved.

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